About us

Our Physicians

Our doctors are board certified in both occupational health medicine as well as internal medicine. In addition, our doctors are qualified in a number of disciplines that are important to your overall health. Many of our doctors are bi-lingual, therefore, enabling them to better communicate with our patients.

Central Urgent Medical Care provides treatment for acute or urgent medical problems that require immediate urgent care without an appointment, welcoming walk-in patients. In addition to providing immediate care services, we offer comprehensive occupational health services, student health services, and vaccines. Our facility features broad diagnostic capabilities including on-site x-ray services, and a fully equipped laboratory. We will strive to provide, for you, a unique quality of urgent and medical care. Central Urgent Medical Care accepts most major insurance companies. Please call your insurance company to confirm your coverage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply our urgent care medical knowledge to the benefit of our local community, its citizens and employers. We enjoy the practice of medicine and look forward to each day that we can help make our patients more comfortable, healthy and vibrant. We do this with a focus on administering the latest advances in medical treatment in addition to complete family care concerns.

We want our patients to be healthy and happy. To accomplish this we offer educational articles on a periodic basis. These articles address issues important to healthy lifestyle choices that make a difference in medical choices our patients can make to allow them to take an active role in health maintenance.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of highly experienced and trained experts in a variety of medical fields all brought together to support your needs for advice, guidance and counsel about your best options for any medical condition and your urgent care needs. Our medical and office staff is bi-lingual to effectively communicate with patients during medical services.

We continue educational programs that are designed to provide our patients with leading edge medical training to the benefit of our patients.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

This is your Urgent Care, No Appointments, No Waiting